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You shall be called…….

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I suppose some people know the names they will give their future kids by age 18, too early? Maybe when they are ready for marriage or married. Others decide the names when they get pregnant or when the baby is born. Those that still don’t know what they will name their child two or three days after delivery are the real die hard parents– those in this category, please queue behind I and LH, we top this category!

When I was asked during my pregnancy which names I was considering I truthfully told them that I did not know yet and most likely LH would provide the name. When I asked LH, the best response I got was that it’s a surprise which was better than the horrible names he later gave me in jest when I pestered him – including baby Jesus.

I tried my usual adviser – the internet – “Top names given in 2013”, “Most popular names”, etc but I wasn’t impressed with the names that came up. Then I went to experienced moms, most of whom suggested I might have an idea when I see my baby for the first time.

So there I was six days after Baby Jood birth still calling him Mummy’s tiger, my lion, my bear etc., because I no name in mind. With his naming ceremony scheduled for the next day, I had to get my act together quickly.
On the seventh day after he was born, we were finally inspired with LH providing “J”, I introduced the “O” and Baby Jood’s grand mom brought “O”. His God mom completed it with a D.

None of JOOD’s names are English – (J) Hebrew, (O) Urhobo, (O) Ishan and (D) Hebrew. The meanings of these names in English are quite prophetic. Most times during night feeding (when I tired and sleepy), I use his names to pray and bless him that God will manifest the meaning of these names his life. I know they are names he will be proud of when he is old enough to understand despite their length.



  1. isi

    It is good when we parents give our children names that bless them,their names follow them all their lives. Baby Jood nice to meet u, as I now know you better.

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  2. uzoma


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  3. Congrats, it shall continue to be well with Baby Jood. I can bet he will still have a nickname which might end up being the most popular and most used.

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