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Things I miss about my Bump




I did not have a noticeable bump till I was about six months and I found this kind of annoying. Then suddenly the bump came out and I was so proud of it.

I protected the bump as much as I could since I am incident prone (my mother swears that I don’t look at the ground when I walk, which is true most times) and tried to watch my steps. That did not stop me from falling down the stairs when I went to Leicester for the baptism of my God child (five months pregnant) or on my due date (nine months Pregnant) when I sneaked to the garage to look at the things LH bought for Baby Jood. Thank God for keeping Baby Jood strong and healthy in spite of these mishaps.

I never knew I would miss my bump especially towards the end when it got so heavy. In all, it’s one of my most memorable moments.

The things I miss about my bump are;

  1. The kicks (movements) I got when I placed my hands on it for long, had a large meal (Baby Jood collecting his portion of the meal) or when I had my hot baths. First thing every morning and last thing evening, I confirmed that there were still movements and counted how many I had in the last twenty-four hours. The movements ranged from funny to painful but they were always reassuring.
  2. It was my own mobile central heater. Pregnancy during winter had its benefits which included I got to save on energy cost. Normally I am the first to turn on the central heater and wear winter clothes but not last winter. I was continuously hot and needed cold drinks to cool me down. I think I took more cold drinks than I would even in summer. LH could not understand why he was the one that kept complaining about cold and turning on the heater until he touched my bump one night and promptly named it my mobile central heater.
  3. I miss the attention my bump gave me (it’s not half of what I currently receive when Baby Jood is with me but that type of attention was nice).
  4. I got away with a lot of things, like the day I drove into an old couple’s car (about seven months pregnant) and as expected they were very pissed till the woman noticed my bump. Suddenly the topic changed to my health and the need to call the ambulance even if I was not physically injured. I still paid for the damages on their car but it was on my own terms which I doubt would have happened without my bump.
  5. I could use my bump to avoid things or tasks I did not like (laughs, don’t ask me which).
  6. It was an excuse to shop without feeling guilty as I needed formal, office casual and casual clothes to attempt to rock and/or hide the bump.
  7. Finally I could wear those clothes (mostly tops) that LH innocently bought for me over time without realising they were maternity tops. I had more than ten of such and had given most away when I relocated finally. This was the chance to rock those “love clothes”.

I wish I could say I looked sexy and hot with my bump but the sad truth was that I did not exactly look my best.





  1. isi

    Lovely,love the change in the couple when they saw the bump! Trust u,u must have milked that bump dry


  2. uzoma

    Bump!! the first real home for every one 🙂


  3. Tee

    lol @ the maternity tops… another good thing to miss about the bump- Eating all you want and blaming it on the


    • That’s true but since I am breastfeeding I use that


  4. ogho

    Oh I love tins u can get away with… 😊. Some times u practically hav 2 wave d bump in peoples faces, and be like …..and did u notice ds?😝


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