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Let it flow


I really wanted to breastfeed Baby Jood even if I combined it with formula. However at day five after delivery, I was still not lactating possibly due to delayed skin to skin contact with Baby Jood and epidural. So I decided to treat it as a project – Operation let it flow! Being a recovering workaholic, I love doing projects be it work or personal, as it allows me to focus and apply my passion positively.

I researched on the internet and discussed with Breast Support Workers, Health Visitors and most importantly experienced mothers on ways to help my milk supply kick off.

A lot of emphasis was placed on frequent breastfeeding and ensuring the baby was latched properly (this meant I breastfed him first then gave him formula later), drinking lots of fluid (more of water, non – caffeinated drinks like hot chocolate),lots of rest including long hot baths (one of my favourites), resilience  and positive thinking.

Experienced mothers suggested hot meals like custard, soups especially pepper soup (yummy Nigerian cuisine), Porridge like Quaker oats, Akamu (traditional Nigerian Maize porridge),drinking only warm water (this was the hardest to stick to as pregnancy had made me love cold drinks) and regular breast massage (this I did with an electric breast pump).

I followed all the above routine religiously for about two days and behold one fine afternoon, it finally flowed!




  1. Well done mama.


  2. You have celebrated breast milk, you will soon be looking forward to celebrating poop and be watching out for its different colours. Joy of motherhood we call it.


  3. isi

    Let it flow well for baby o.its the koko


  4. Noma

    hey well done girl those are the joys of motherhood!


  5. Tee

    wow.. the period must have been difficult


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