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The Homecoming


Four days after walking into the hospital with my big bump, I finally got the nod to go home with Baby Jood. I was excited to go back home to my own space and familiar surroundings.

To be allowed to go home, I had to pass some medical tests like – walk on my own, pass out urine nicely and have good bowel movement while Baby Jood had to also pass his own standard tested which included a detailed physical examination. So test passed, time to leave the ward with baby on his car seat!

Baby Jood’s car seat was among the first baby items I bought since babies are required to leave the hospital in them. I never got to try the seat in the car or figure how to use it despite several advice from friends and websites to do so before the arrival of the baby.

So on discharge day, LH and I got to spend about an hour or more trying to get Baby Jood on his car seat till a couple came to our rescue much to our relief. Then we were on our way home with all the necessary documentations and most importantly with Baby Jood.

The moment Baby Jood entered the house, he started crying and we laughed as we initially thought he was excited to be home till I realised he was hungry. I still was not lactating and had no baby formula as I had planned to breastfeed exclusively. Luckily our neighbourhood shop came to the rescue.

Baby Jood soon laid comfortably in his Moses basket like the little angel I imagined.




  1. captain

    Lopopo,he looks so at peace really.welcome home dear


  2. Beautiful. Being home is so much better than cooped up at the hospital 🙂


  3. Noma

    there is no place like home indeed! don’t mention about the car seats the nurse had to give me and my hubby a lecture on how to adjust the belts as we couldn’t figure out how to do it lol! good to c baby Jood in his car seat nicely secured!


    • I am lucky no Nurse came and saw me struggling with the car seat or in the car!



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