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Baby Jood’s first Christmas


Christmas in the hospital was not as bad as it sounded but then most likely because I was still on cloud nine with baby Jood. I and Lovely Hubby (LH) sat in our little corner in the ward chatting, teasing ourselves and bonding with Baby Jood.

Bonding included being so excited with his little gestures like opening his eyes, jerking as a result of sudden noises, his little fingers and toes. Even watching him sleep and go all curly just made our Christmas so beautiful.

Previously our Christmas dinner was yam and Pepper soup (Nigerian cuisine), however on this special Christmas day we went for a traditional English Christmas dinner of roast turkey, pudding and vegetables. It tasted delicious to me as my taste buds slowly returned to me after their seven month vacation during my pregnancy.

Baby Jood had not eaten much so with the help of the Nurses, we tried to get him to latch properly and stimulate my milk flow. Alas by midnight when he was still crying and no signs of milk, I had to give him formula.

The highlight of the day was when we got to change his nappy (me doing the actual changing while LH doing the quality control). This was the first time I was actually changing a baby’s nappy and I think I did a good very job.

It was definitely my best Christmas so far despite my confinement to a hospital bed most of the day. I look back and hope that LH and I can give Baby Jood more happy Christmas in future.



  1. isi



  2. Terry

    A great Christmas you had!


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