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Joy to my World, my little cute face is here!


For funny reasons, I did not want Baby Jood’s arrival date to be Christmas day as the websites said. So imagine my joy when after the dating scan, the estimated due date (EDD) was revised to 18th December.

I felt Baby Jood would be pressured by the world’s celebration of Christ’s birth, could likely get less number of friends to celebrate his birthdays with and most importantly it could shorten his gifts for the year (trust me some people will just give him just one gift for Christmas and his birthday – I should know as my birthday is just a week after valentine!). My elder sister told me that she gave birth to her two kids a week before her EDD. So I happily concluded it ran in the family and that Baby Jood would arrive two weeks before Christmas.

By the 11th of December (a week to my EDD), I was looking for the signs of labour with so much intensity that I am surprised that I did not get false labour signs. Then I moved to plan B; simple tasks to induce labour – like taking walks, eating pineapple etc. By my EDD, my tongue was almost burnt from eating pineapples and I felt too heavy to continue the walks.

Five days to Christmas, plan C jumped on my laps in the form of a scheduled appointment with my community midwife for possible membrane induction. Alas she directed me to the hospital where I finally got the final word – Baby Jood was going to be a Christmas baby after all my scheming.

So on a cold Christmas Eve afternoon my water broke while Baby Jood sat waiting to be pulled out! He was finally pulled and placed on my chest for our first skin to skin contact. Tears of joy rolled from my eyes as I realised I was holding my best Christmas gift ever and how insignificant every other thing was.




  1. Awwww how sweet.


  2. captain

    Aaawwww, you know at times we get carried away with the little things and loose sight of the big picture. Luckily you got the big picture at the end…lovely story


  3. Soso

    So sweet,christmas baby


  4. manuwa jovi

    Love this piece soo cool jood welcome


  5. okogbe daniel

    i love this site it is so Amazing pls keepin on.


  6. Ehi

    Totally awesome##love and joy of a mother !!nothing compares##
    With all your effort, I think this a lesson to know that even if we make plans and have our various wish,,God knows best, he’s the master planner !!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • God is truely the master planner and his plan is best at the end


  7. chika

    Welcome baby jood


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