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My re-definition


The process of obtaining a new title is not new to me. Most titles have to be earned and maintained to remain relevant. Maintaining the title most times is more demanding than earning it.
My significant titles as at November 2013 were, ACCA and Mrs. The earliest time I required to obtain the titles was three years, so I naturally felt that the new title I had in mind would be easier since all things been equal a maximum of 9 months was required to obtain it. How far would I be from the truth! Nine months to some people on the same journey could have gone in a flash but mine did not (like the movie – what to expect when you are expecting). That’s gist for another day maybe.
Then in December 2013 I earned the title – Mum! Immediately I was re-defined. It became my most treasured title, one that came with so much joy and urgent responsibility to maintain. A responsibility I am bound to fulfil with all my might, strength and zeal.



  1. Lovely post.


  2. tonto

    Hmm how lovely


  3. Thanks Tonto


  4. Manny

    Cute baby! Welcome to the world…n be good to Mom


  5. Owen

    Lovely mum and wife x


  6. Soso

    Awww can’t wait to be a mum too


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